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Welcome to Symphisis Yoga Studio, Mornington. It’s the home of Yoga Spiritually where yoga is fresh, innovative and relevant to your life today. If you are seeking more than just a physical experience and want to explore on all levels this may be for you. Our yoga is practical, it helps you deal with the physical and mental stresses of today’s life and thrive.

Yoga is meant to help you discover joy and peace and to overcome rigidity and inflexibility…

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An afternoon of nurturing

How often do you honestly feel your needs aren’t met.  Do you dream of an afternoon where your only responsibility is to feel nurtured.  Sound good?  Here’s how you can join make that dream a reality. Saturday April 21 is the day you can enjoy feeling... read more

Thank you for a wonderful week of yoga. For me it was finding a complete calmness in my body as I held the poses and also to finding an acceptance in learning to “slow down” and appreciate what my “maturing body” is now able to do. It was a nurturing nourishing and uplifting week. I also loved meeting up with friends I had not seen for a while.   Thank you xx  Ann Sutton




“For me it is an investment in my future health and well-being, as well as a way to keep calm, balanced and challenged in my weekly practice. I have felt so many changes in the years I have been coming.  I am more flexible – emotionally and physically. I have taken on challenges I wouldn’t have managed so easily in the past. I have more moments of light heartedness, and I know I can depend on my own strength as well as the helping hand of others. As well as being aware of my own needs, I enjoy becoming increasingly aware of the space that others are in. I enjoy the chance to work in partnership with others – and always find it mutually beneficial. I am constantly inspired by others in different groups – who attend no matter how tired, or stressed or busy they are. I love leaving with a smile, and seeing smiles on the faces of others.”

– Mardi Healy




Julia’s style of yoga, playful and gentle develops a greater strength, flexibility, relaxation and feeling of wellbeing than any other system of yoga (Iyengar, Bikram and Vinyasa) I had practised over the preceding twelve years.
So much benefit for so little effort.

– David Creedon





Breast cancer, lymph nodes removed, chemotherapy, just a little bit of hair left under my cap and radiotherapy to come.  It was with trepidation I followed my doctor’s recommendation to come to Symphisis Yoga.  I felt welcomed and relaxed (and even took my cap off).  My arm feels so much better and the yoga felt completely different to every other type of yoga I had experienced and gave me so much more than just poses.  After the class I felt energised, relaxed, trusting and hopeful.  I know I have found a safe place and look forward to regular attendance at Symphisis to explore the other benefits of their unique style of yoga.

Josephine Hunter-Weild




“I have had two Hahnemann Healing sessions with Julia over the past three weeks as part of my recovery from a sudden and confronting physical injury six months ago. I felt strongly that there were emotional blockages hindering this healing process which I needed to work through in order to progress. While Julia’s healing was quiet, gentle and calming, profound issues presented themselves to me and I was able to face them and let them go from my life. I slept soundly that night for the first time since my injury and my sleep pattern continues to improve. I feel stronger and lighter and look forward to my next Hahnemann Healing and the positive outcomes that result from such a beautiful process.”

– Trish Doyle



Hahnemann Healing is probably the most profound healing modality I have experienced yet! I spent some years studying and practising Reiki. Hahnemann Healing goes to an even deeper level of our being. Whilst it may appear subtle, it is indeed a very powerful healing tool. I would encourage everyone to give themselves the ‘gift’ of this healing. The cost of holistic wellbeing……priceless!

– Elke Newall




“I love playing tennis and I was very upset and distressed when advised by my physiotherapist to give up playing, due to having bursitis in my right shoulder.  I turned to Julia Symington and after three Concomitant Healing sessions I was able to return to tennis.  Thanks Julia.”

– Margaret Loffler


“I truly enjoyed the “Understanding Spirituality” workshop with Julia Symington as it was extremely thought provoking yet comforting at the same time. Although I was the youngest attendee, I felt very connected to all of the beings in the room as each and every one of us embraced the principles of Symphisis Yoga which are Equality, Honesty, Non- Judgement, and Sharing and were all interested in learning more about spirituality. Julia has a great deal of knowledge on spirituality and I am so grateful that I went!”

Caprisha Richards




“When I’m at the gym I find myself bored and constantly focusing on the clock. However when doing yoga with Julia, I’m surprised how quickly time passes and am disappointed when the session ends.”

– Sandi Anderson



Over the 12 months I have been attending Symphisis Yoga I have experienced great relief in the arthritic pain in my joints, especially in my hands. By working with the body I’m in, it’s a lot freer.

The love and support of Julia and the group is wonderful and it’s a joy to witness the positive changes in other members of the group.

 – Carmel Teague



“Yoga at Symphisis keeps me sane. Every time I leave I feel so much better than when I arrived.”

– Lillian Lanarus


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