Have you ever thought “I want to be a yoga teacher? Well now you can and here’s how.  Training is from January – June 2018. 

Yoga Spiritually Teacher Training will appeal to people who want to learn yoga that meets both the physical and emotional needs of practitioners.  It includes training as a Hahnemann Healer so that you are able to help release the negative and unwanted emotions your future students and friends, family and clients have experienced.  This training is practical and experiential and will help your growth as you release your own emotional pain. It also incorporates spiritual understanding.

Naturally training includes Yoga postures, body awareness, breathing, anatomy and physiology, philosophy and practice teaching starting with a 5 day intensive in January 2018.  The last part puts everything together as you learn to apply spiritual principles into your teaching, encourage creativity and expression and learn how to teach people how to gain Emotional Insight through specific yoga poses.

Contact Julia Symington on 0419 305 762 or info@symphisisyoga.com.au to find out more.