I never feel I look my best when I wake up in the morning.  But this morning the face that greeted me in the mirror was – well the phrase that keeps running through my mind is “a face only a mother could love”.

The last few days have been traumatic (admittedly self inflicted trauma) but I’m taking a long term view.  I have just finished 3 days of treatment to address some of the sun damage to my face over many years.

English skin, Australian beach culture with lots of sunburn in my teens, 6 years of life in the tropics, 10 years of so much fun in a sports car and a cavalier approach to sun protection has resulted in a lot of sun damage, plus lots of extra expression lines on my face.

The treatment is not for the faint hearted as you can see.  You use it for 3 days, your face becomes red and swollen and now I’m waiting for layers of skin to fall off (just like sunburn).  Friends who have used it tell me it is well worth the short term pain.  Last night as I felt my face swollen, tight and burning, I wasn’t so sure I’d made the best decision, today I’m more hopeful.  One thing that made a big difference was applying Aloe Vera gel last night.  It was instantly soothing and although the swelling and redness remain, the burning, tight feeling has gone.  Luckily I have Aloe Vera growing at home.

In the meantime, my internal heat is high and I have less need of heating.  These bracing mornings feel wonderful for my face (even if not for my fingers) as I indulge in early morning and evening walks.   I also need more rest and it really is blissful to close my eyes.  Oh, more hydration and stay indoors when the sun is out.

Thank goodness for my knowledge of yoga and how I can use it to help me and to avoid the poses that would make me feel worse.

Ah the joys of ageing.  Wonder how I’ll feel about this little journey in a month!