Julia Symington’s Yoga Story

I started practicing yoga in 1981 after feeling totally uncoordinated trying lots of other activities and breathed a sigh of relief when I finally found something that “felt so right”. This led me to Yoga Teacher Training.  Initially I trained in the Iyengar tradition, which provided a detailed and technical understanding of yoga poses and bodies. This discipline and attention to detail, combined with many years of practice and broader study, provided a wonderful foundation on which to build.

Paul Kelly is right when he sings from little things big things will grow”.

Happily farewelling a corporate career, I started teaching yoga from home from nothing, built a successful home business, moved into a rented studio in a partnership and evolved into operating by myself and purchased the studio.  This step enabled me to make significant improvements, including the installation of a large pyramid skylight to increase the energy and building a private Healing Room. The studio has become a place for people to feel safe to explore and express and be themselves – all in an atmosphere of love and support.

My way of teaching has been transformed and is now known as Yoga Spiritually. It’s exciting to guide people towards more comfort and freedom physically and emotionally.  My desire now is to spread this far and wide through teacher training.  Find out more.

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual development has been under the guidance of Ian and Pearl Rogers of Sphinx Spiritual since 2004 and has helped me find more meaning and fulfilment in my life.  As I have grown, especially in my capacity to love, I have gained so much knowledge and am now accredited to offer healing modalities, training and workshops to people seeking a non-drug alternative to health care. It is exciting to continue to learn and to grow, especially when our communities have such need of hope and improved physical and emotional health.



Yoga Spiritually

At  Symphisis Yoga we teach Yoga Spiritually (Symphisis means connection). Practitioners are guided, supported and encouraged to choose the yoga postures and sequences that best suit their physical and emotional needs. even if that means they are practising differently to others.  Creativity and choice are encouraged. Our philosophy is to be inclusive and to encourage sharing of energy.

I now want to share this knowledge more widely and have developed a teacher training course so many more people can enjoy the benefits of Yoga Spiritually, which has been developed under the guidance of Ian and Pearl Rogers of Sphinx Spiritual. www.sphinxspiritual.com

35 years of yoga and 10 plus years of spiritual experience combined with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and recognition as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, give me the desire and credentials to present this training.

It is common for yoga practitioners to recognise during classes their need for additional physical and emotional support.  I believe this is of vital importance and have invested in the knowledge and training to provide this support and built a Healing Room into the studio to meet these needs.