About Symphisis Yoga

Exhale and relax…

Welcome to Symphisis Yoga Studio, Mornington. It’s the home of Yoga Spiritually where yoga is fresh, innovative and relevant to your life today.

If you are seeking more than just a physical experience and want to explore what you feel on all levels this may be for you.

We use different sequences and poses to achieve specific outcomes to help you feel your best every day and we encourage you to be expressive and creative.

Our yoga is practical, it helps you deal with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of today’s life and thrive.  Yoga is meant to help you discover joy and peace and to overcome rigidity and inflexibility…   It allows you to be in touch with another part of yourself and discover the beauty as you move in yoga.

Yoga at Symphisis can feel very gentle, yet it builds strength easily and encourages you to find a natural place of ease and comfort.


What We Offer


At Symphisis we offer a range of different classes and services to give you variety and options to meet your needs:

  • Group classes for general level and for beginners (yoga basics)
  • Group classes for experienced and advanced practitioners
  • Specialist classes, including Stress Release, Yoga for Over 50s and Emotional Insight classes
  • Private classes at the studio or at other locations for one or more
  • Training for Yoga Teachers, emotional healers and for seekers of spiritual knowledge
  • Hahnemann Healing – emotional healing from Ancient Egypt that helps to release negative emotions from your body
  • Concomitant Healing to release the physical energy blockages from your body
  • Spiritual Counselling


Why do people choose Symphisis Yoga?


Symphisis Yoga studio appeals to beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike who are seeking more peace and harmony in their lives. The practice of Yoga Spiritually will naturally appeal to people who are wanting more than just a physical workout, who want a place to practice that is welcoming and looking for a freedom to explore, through yoga, a deeper connection with who they are, how they feel and what they want in life.


What is the Difference at Symphisis Yoga?

Symphisis means connection and we offer you a deeper experience of yoga, through the use of your imagination, visualisation, music and working with others for mutual benefit. Freedom of choice and expression are encouraged. Colour and clothing are a simple way to be you. Yoga becomes engaging, refreshing and enlivening and your body and mind naturally look forward to this stimulation. We look forward to welcoming you to our light, bright and airy Symphisis Yoga studio in Mornington.

Our yoga is contemporary to meet the needs of life today and so it is different to other yoga styles. In a world full of stress and anxiety we offer peace, harmony and knowledge of self.

Call now to book your first class and start practicing Yoga Spiritually

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