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Taking Care of the Gluteals

The gluteals are a problem when they are too strong and just as big a problem when they are weak.  Here’s some tips for strengthening and relaxing these muscles plus others.  Place a bolster or a firm cushion between the thighs and grip it firmly to engage the... read more

Yoga Snacks for Necks and Shoulders

Neck and shoulders are a common source of discomfort and pain. Here are four simple Yoga Spiritually snacks that can be practised anywhere to provide fast relief. At Symphisis we believe yoga is best if it’s practical and meets the needs of people living their... read more

Thinking vs Feeling

Awareness of your feelings is one of your most valuable assets because what you are feeling will influence your thoughts. When you are in a happy and positive mood you won’t be worried about the little upsets in life and you’ll be much more capable of... read more


Teamwork is an essential part of life today. It helps us contribute to our community and feel supported. It takes a generous person to reach out and help another, especially when it means putting some of their own needs to one side. Parents know this feeling well.... read more

Use your feet well to stay balanced

Feet are those wonderful things that give you a foundation from which to lift our energy as we move through our life. We don’t spend all our time on our feet, but while we can let’s give them the best opportunity to support us. There are 26 bones in each foot,... read more