Years ago an old friend, gave some advice – “never waste an opportunity to love, you never know how long that opportunity will be there”.

And so today I attended a celebration of the life of Lily, a beautiful 20 year old who died in a tragic accident.

It has been an incredibly emotional day for me. I had never met Lily, but I knew other family members well.  It’s funny how our paths had crossed much more frequently in recent times and a real closeness and trust had developed.   I feel grateful I was able to visit as soon as I heard of the accident, to share my energy and my love, to listen and to return a few days later to help ease some of the stress associated with loss and, later, to be able to offer, and have accepted, Hahnemann Healing.  In doing this I recognised how much I have grown in love over the years and am enormously grateful for the love and the skills I have to offer.

Who is to say what is the worst emotion, but to lose a daughter, or a close family member is an enormous loss.  How do come to accept the loss and to go through the grieving process so you can again find peace and joy in life.

The loss and grief can come and tap you on the shoulder many years later, as it did for me today.  But I know it will pass and it is a wonderful reminder of how much love that person and I shared.

They too died in a tragic vehicle accident in their 20s.

I have a deep belief in reincarnation. It helps me at times like this.  Without such a belief I would never be able to make sense of the injustices in the world and the seeming randomness of death.  Life would indeed be unfair.

Today there was no blame from the family, no railing at the unfairness of life, but there was a gratitude for the special times shared doing what Lily loved.  A Dad who loved nothing more than a day on the couch with Lily, doing nothing.  A Mumma who followed her intuition and last year chose to work from home to spend more time with her independent daughters.

Today, there was no regret, just a great loss and much celebration of a beautiful young woman who lived her short life to the full.

Writing this has helped me, I hope it inspires you to live your life to the full and love with all your heart.  Let those special people in your life know you love them.

You never know how long the opportunity will be there.

Vale Lily.