So, what is this stuff called energy.  It’s the magical ingredient in you that makes a yoga pose, flow or sequence sing.  It delights you.  When it’s flowing freely, energy gives you the utter pleasure, ease and peace that feels effortless, despite the physical effort required.  And the best thing is, when the energy is flowing the way it’s meant to, there is generosity and harmony in you and in your body.  It has little to do with physical ability, or the complexity or degree of difficulty of a yoga pose.  It can be experienced in any type of pose when you work in harmony with your body and with you.

In my own practice when I focus on the feeling or the energy of my yoga, my body moves more easily, feels less stressed and is more relaxed.  It requires an acceptance of what I can do on that day and can be different in the morning and the evening.  It requires a freedom from judgement and comparison to others – a letting go of ego and what I believe I should be able to do.  Each time I hear myself using the “should” word, it’s an opportunity for me to pause and check whether I’m working in harmony with my body and with me and make any adjustments necessary.

When I work against this harmonious state, the energy in me and in my yoga is conflicted. It is this conflict, lack of harmony and distress that is evident when joints, muscles, nerves and organs are over or under worked.

Practicing in harmony with yourself and your body gives an energy of delight, pleasure, vitality and humility – there is connection – a symphisis – it is Yoga Spiritually.

How do you get that into your yoga practice? Simply allow yourself to be guided by how you feel, and feel, and feel and feel and feel.  Let go of your mind and just feel.