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Guided Meditation Sept 3

Join us on Sunday September 3 for Guided Meditation.  These meditations are an opportunity for you to connect, or deepen your connection, with your Spiritual Guide and gain wisdom directly from the Spiritual World.  Experience the higher energy in a group environment... read more

Open Day June 24

You are invited to join us and experience themed classes of Yoga Spiritually and Guided Meditation and how it can benefit you.  In between the sessions is time for you to experience the loving energy of Symphisis Yoga and to learn more about what else is available at... read more

Free Yoga Class for Over 50s

We’re celebrating World Yoga Day with a free Yoga class for “Over 50s” on Wednesday June 21 from 11-12noon. Sometimes you’re not over 50, but you sure feel it, so either way, join us and experience just how great your body can feel when you... read more