Unfortunately the meditation scheduled for Sunday August 6 will have to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our control.  

Our month meditations are an opportunity for you to connect, or deepen your connection, with your Spiritual Guide and gain wisdom directly from the Spiritual World.  Experience the higher energy in a group environment where energy is shared. You will have the added bonus of meditating under a pyramid skylight, which increases the energy. It is a journey of self discovery, enlightening and beneficial for your personal growth.

Whether you are new to guided meditation or experienced and looking to deepen your connection to your guide, with Deanne Atkinson’s strong and gentle guidance you will find this style of meditation beneficial. Deanne is a medium, accredited by Sphinx Spiritual, with over 14 years experience of training at an elite level.

When – the first Sunday of the month from 10-11am.  Bookings are very much appreciated so we can have the room prepared and start on time.  Julia on 0419 305 762 or julias@symphisisyoga.com.au