Hahnemann Healing Training

Do you have a genuine desire to help people grow?  Are you interested in learning more about spirituality and healing; how they fit together and how it can help you and your clients find more love in your life?

Hahnemann Healing is emotional healing brought forward from Ancient Egypt to meet the needs of people today.  It recognises emotional well-being is an integral part of our overall health and well-being. Training will appeal more to those with a desire to learn more about spirituality and healing, finding fulfilment and want to help others grow.  Learn more about Hahnemann Healing and why and how it is helping so many people move forward in their life.

Are you ready to start learning how you can help others grow HHcontact me to find out how.

The first day’s inspiring workshop will give you an Understanding of Spirituality, what it means to live a spiritual life and guidance on the practicalities of how to do so. This day underpins the practical and experiential training on the following 5 days of training. Please note bookings are essential to participate in this training.

This can be an addition to modalities you currently offer or a new career opportunity.  It is a modality that has a natural synergy with yoga, massage and other activities connected with improving health and well being.  It is deep gentle and uplifting and is suitable for use with families, friends and colleagues. Training is over 6 days and is experiential. This gives you the opportunity to practice, build confidence and skill and to feel the benefit of receiving healing. Each year you receive additional training and are re-accredited. This ensures standards are kept at a high level.

  • Day 1 Saturday, March 3 – Understanding a Spiritual Life and How to Live it – the Foundation
  • Day 2 Sunday March 4 – Hahnemann Healing
  • Day 3, 4, 5 and 6 Easter – March 30 an 31 and April 1 and 2.
  • On successful completion of your Hahnemann Healing training you will be an accredited practitioner.

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BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW in the next Hahnemann Healing Course so you can become a Hahnemann Healer.  The value of Hahnemann Healing is recognised by its inclusion as a module in training to be a Yoga Spiritually Teacher. It might be a new career, or a new modality to add to the ones you already practice – you can make a difference in this world.

The cost for the training is $775 which includes course materials and access to the App on accreditation.  An additional accreditation fee of $125 is payable.  Further training and reaccreditation occurs annually.  PAYMENT PLAN 

Here are testimonials of what can be achieved with Hahnemann Healing.

Trish Doyle June 2017

“I have had two Hahnemann Healing sessions with Julia over the past three weeks as part of my recovery from a sudden and confronting physical injury six months ago. I felt strongly that there were emotional blockages hindering this healing process which I needed to work through in order to progress. While Julia’s healing was quiet, gentle and calming, profound issues presented themselves to me and I was able to face them and let them go from my life. I slept soundly that night for the first time since my injury and my sleep pattern continues to improve. I feel stronger and lighter and look forward to my next Hahnemann Healing and the positive outcomes that result from such a beautiful process.”

Sharizaar O’Heart  August 2017

“I am just completing the 22 week commitment to the Hahnemann Healing with Julia Symington.  (Consolidation Healingone of the advanced Hahnemann Healing methods.  Ed.)  At first I thought it was a huge commitment of 6 months.  But the changes that have supported me have been life changing.  The emotional issue around rejection had been a big story of my life and had created a lot of trauma for me with my family and maintaining committed happy relationships in my life.The sessions over the 6 month period balanced my nervous system and helped me to release a lot of trauma in my life which made me not feel safe. It has also enabled me to regain my own power and come from a place of “what do I want to do in my life” and then take responsibility for that and able to take the necessary actions. I now feel more contented in myself and able to deal with ‘rejection’ better, realising that people are not rejecting me they just aren’t interested in doing what I want at this time.  So it has given me a lot more freedom in my relationships to let people ‘just be’ – as I have got clear about what I want. My friends are saying that I am a lot softer and more relaxed with them. About 6 weeks in to the programme I took charge of my health and joined a weight loss coaching programme and I have now lost over 10kg in weight and on the way to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I would highly recommend the Hahnemann Healing to anyone who wants to rediscover themselves and appreciate the gifts you have.  The changes happen in a subtle and sustainable way with ease and grace.”