Healing Choices

We recognise different types of healing are required at different times when we recognise the lack of love and fulfilment in our life. We offer the following modalities, separate to yoga, in Mornington and in Moonee Ponds to help you move forward in your life.

  • Spiritual Counselling to help you understand the cause of your issue.
  • Hahnemann Healing for your emotional well-being (Practitioner Training is also available).
  • Concomitant Healing to release the physical blockages in your body.
Spiritual Counselling
Spiritual Counselling is a process whereby the counsellor will assist you to identify the real cause of your issue, where it began in your life and why it currently affects you.  The counsellor will help you to identify your values and to make decisions to resolve the issue/s that are aligned to these values.  Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest and is aimed at establishing change.
Hahnemann Healing
Hahnemann Healing is a very powerful form of spiritual healing that was practised and learnt in Ancient Egypt. It helps to release negative emotional blockages so you can move forward in life. It is deep, gentle and uplifting and helps you find more emotional balance in your life.



Concomitant Healing

The secret and the essence of Concomitant Healing – it heals the physical body from physical problems caused by emotional issues or physical problems that affect the flow of energy from the nervous system. It increases the flow of energy through the body and also releases the points of within the muscular structure where the emotional issues are trapped.

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