How do you – when you don’t know how?

Here we are nudging up to the end of September and when I look back it’s been a year of readjusting my thinking and feeling from

“I don’t know how to”


“how do I find out?”

and reminding myself

“learning makes me vulnerable” and

“I need patience and persistence”


“I’ll probably make some very silly mistakes and it will be easier if I can laugh at myself”

Let me give you my plumbing example.

On Saturday an earring fell out and disappeared down the bathroom plughole.  No big deal, they weren’t expensive, but they make me feel good when I wear them, people often comment how much they love the colour and I loved those earrings.

I looked at the pipes under the sink and thought I’d have a go at unscrewing the bendy bit (I think it’s called an S bend) under the sink and see if the earring was there.  I was smart enough to place a bowl underneath to catch any water that was caught in the S bend.  Feeling very pleased with myself I retrieved the earring and then promptly emptied the bowl of water down the sink – unfortunately, before I had replaced the S bend.   Oh well great excuse to clean out that shelf and the one underneath and mop the floor.

All good, until I cleaned my teeth and noticed more water on the floor, oh no I hadn’t tightened things enough.

So I need to add another reminder to “patience and persistence and that’s being attentive”.  I’m learning not to be overwhelmed by “not knowing how to” and committing to “finding out how to” – even when it takes me a quite a long time and sometimes the advice I receive isn’t useful or is even downright wrong.   I’ve also changed the leaking washers in the toilet thanks to help from YouTube and with only 2 trips to the hardware store (wrong size size first time).

Art Therapy!!!!!

Yesterday I participated in an art therapy workshop a friend was running.  The very idea would have had me run screaming from the room a few years ago – but when the opportunity came up, I heard myself saying “yes, I’d love to do that”.

As each new part of the day was explained, I was surprised at how keen I was to get started; and how much clarity I had about what I wanted to do. Fortunately, it wasn’t about taking home an artwork to hang on the wall. I found the day to be fascinating and insightful and it was great to share it with other enthusiastic participants and to learn so much about myself.

And that’s really how this year is shaping up – a wonderful challenge to catch myself when I start to feel life is being unfair or a bit tougher than I want.  It seems if and when I put my mind to it – I can – I just need to have a go and learn as I go along.

What about you? How’s your year been so far? What are the challenges you’ve faced?