I see you.

I watch you as you walk into the studio.

I see your nervousness, your apprehension and sometimes your fear.

But now you’re here, brave enough to take a risk.

A risk that you’ll feel better and your pain will lessen.

I welcome you with a smile, we chat, you fill in a form, touching briefly on your biggest pain – your deep sadness.  I know the grief in your life as a family member struggles with illness.

“Where are the toilets?” you ask, that most important place, where you and others go when you need to take some time out.  And “where’s the kitchen”, where can you get a glass of water, and “are there tissues?” Right we’ve covered the basics.

You’re new, you don’t know what to do and others seem to know.  Have you done the right thing you wonder.  You’re given a suggestion – and it’s something you can manage.  Relief shows on your face.

And then the class starts.  People are welcoming, there’s laughter and you start to relax.

There’s laughter and music and yoga that is surprisingly easy for you and for your body.

You want more – you watch others and sometimes your confidence out strips your ability and you need encouragement to do less.  There is time to be patient.  Some others have much have more experience and awareness of their abilities and limits.  Go gently.

It’s a fine balance – encouragement, celebration and gentle restraint, a word of caution to prevent injury, as trust builds.

You relax more and realise your body feels better, it’s easier than you expected.  It’s different yoga, it’s more free, expressive and fun – and the sharing is joyful.

Half way through the class a change is evident.  People are working together, sharing their energy and there is more love and more peace.

It’s time to leave – at the door you hesitate.  I see your reluctance to leave.  I see your befuddlement, what has happened?  I know you feel the energy shift and can’t understand it.

You return for another class and the magic happens again.  You mention a lower back problem and are amazed when it feels better after one simple yoga pose.  Your knee is no longer “a bad knee”.  You feel excited at what you’ve achieved.  Mostly you feel amazement – you’ve been seen, understood and helped.

You tell me how different you felt when you left last time, puzzling over the change and not understanding how it could happen.  But it did.

You leave reluctantly.  Other duties and obligations await you.

Thank you for spending time with me.

You have opened a doorway of possibility, growth and desire.

You have felt the power of loving energy, underpinned by knowledge and years of experience teaching yoga and investing in my own spiritual growth.

I hope you will return for more, knowing if you do you will have more love in your life, to share and receive.

Welcome, to the magic of Yoga Spiritually at Symphisis Yoga, Mornington.

Would you like some magic in your life? Check our website to see the many ways we can help.   http://symphisisyoga.com.au/

No matter what the challenge, know, deep in your heart, you can get through this and you don’t have to do it alone.