You are invited to join us and experience themed classes of Yoga Spiritually and Guided Meditation and how it can benefit you.  In between the sessions is time for you to experience the loving energy of Symphisis Yoga and to learn more about what else is available at the studio.

The Program is

  • 8.30am-10am  | Yoga for Pleasure – can you think of a better way to start your weekend
  • 11-12noon  | Gain Emotional Insight through Yoga. When you know what you are really feeling, celebrate or take action to release those feelings and change the way you feel and think.
  • 1-2pm  | Yoga for Over 50s – Be proud of what you can do and come to peace with those things you may no longer be able to do.  There’s plenty left.  You’ll be surprised at the ease you can achieve with our methodology.
  • 2.30-3pm  | Guided Meditation – Deanne Atkinson will help you Connect with your Spiritual Guide (please be on time for this session)
  • 3.30pm  | Information session – Yoga Spiritually and why and how it’s different, emotional and physical healing, spiritual counselling and workshops for knowledge and fulfilment.

All welcome.  Join us for a class, or to see where we are, or to experience the different props we use at Symphisis Yoga.