Understanding the history behind a yoga pose adds meaning and understanding to why we practice it.
This simple hand gesture has been used for many years as a thank you, a greeting, an honouring and a sign of respect.

When we delve into the history, it has even more meaning, it harks back to the days when there was a need to be on guard and be prepared to defend yourself and even fight to defend yourself when necessary. This simple pose is indeed a greeting, but embedded in it is a preparedness to defend and protect yourself from an attack to your throat. It is simple and effective as is the yoga we practice in Yoga Spiritually classes, deceptively simple and highly effective. Graceful and gracious as you connect with others and appreciate the beauty of your own movements.

You can gain more of this knowledge when you join a class at Symphisis Yoga and so much more when you train to be a Yoga Spiritually Teacher.