On Friday I fly to Egypt to attend a conference near the Great Pyramid of Giza.  I have been thinking about the many travel opportunities I have had in my life and more recently with Sphinx Spiritual to attend their conferences throughout the world and to reflect on what they have given me and what I have learned.

My first conference to Vietnam was the start of an annual journey of discovery of me, what I need to learn and what I can let go of to make the most of this life.  Located in the beautiful beachside location of Hoi An, surrounded by the generous, friendly and supportive Vietnamese people, the venue was perfect to foster growth.  A special treat for me has always been waking early and heading to the beach to watch the dawn and to share this special part of the day with the Vietnamese as they embark on their health and fitness rituals on the beach.  If you show any interest, such as watching the fishing catch being harvested, you are quickly invited to join in.  They have an innate understanding of experience being the best teacher.  They are naturally inclusive, curious and welcoming and I have had some wonderful conversations with few words.  They have little and share what they have.  It was and is a wonderfully supportive environment in which to grow.

CrazyHorse-memorialOther conferences have had specific themes.  In America we learned about the great leader Crazy Horse, born in a time when the white man was intent on destroying their culture and their people, all for the sake of gold.  Crazy Horse recognised the threat to the Indian way of life and was successful in encouraging the disparate groups of American Indians to fight together against the white man and their deadly lies and deceit.  The fight was unequal for one major reason – the white man lied and the Indians spoke the truth. The Crazy Horse memorial in South Dakota is a massive tribute (still under construction) to this great leader and his legacy.  His wisdom is available today at  http://wisdomofcrazyhorse.blogspot.com.au/

In France we learned of the Cultural Renaissance in the 1500s under the leadership of King Francis and his sister Marguerite de Navarre.  King Francis brought Leonardo da Vinci to France and gave him a home for the last years of his life.  This was no time for rest for Leonardo, the garden of his home is full of his legacy – replicas of his inventions, both practical for that time and for the future.  He designed his garden to give a long view – an essential ingredient in the life of people and communities.  A highlight was a special New Year’s Eve dinner in Leonardo’s home – an event never before permitted. Leonardo_da_Vinci_helicopterThe legacy and influence of King Francis, his sister and Leonardo da Vinci is evident throughout France today in the appreciation of art, beauty and culture that pervades the country and has spread throughout the world. For example the Louvre was established by King Francis and Marguerite, who believed passionately in the knowledge and rights of women. A significant learning for me was of the importance of day to day greetings in shops and places of business and of the beauty and respect with which goods and life were treated.  Produce was displayed magnificently, and no cake left a shop without a box and ribbons. Pride was everywhere. Beauty was a part of life, and so the Yoga Studio and my home have become more beautiful places in which to work and live.Today there is a Spiritual Renaissance with a great yearning for meaning and knowledge in a world growing tired of greed, power and short term thinking.

In England the focus was on the assistance given by the travelling people from other places of existence in the universe to help people living on earth.  They gave the inspiration and the assistance to construct places and buildings that today continue to baffle our intellect – how wCrop Circle at Cherhill, near Calne Wiltshire Center Close Up Weaved Star Swirl 25th June 2012ere they constructed?  The opportunity to fly over crop circles in a helicopter (originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s) and to then stand in a crop circle, gave a sense of peace and contentment, acceptance and wonder, a recognition of the connectivity of all things.  The detail in the circles is magnificent as the crop is layered and flattened, bent and tied in a different pattern. These incredibly beautiful crop circles each have special meanings to help us.

And so it is time to head off on another journey of self development,  learning, adventure and wonder.  We will be staying at Mena House in Giza with a view of the Sphinx and the Pyramids and I can’t wait to stand in front of these awesome structures, built so many thousands of years ago.  The conference will give an opportunity for great expansion in my, my knowledge and my ability to teach and to heal.

If you would like to learn more about spirituality,  the Understanding the Spiritual World workshop will be held in August.