How many clients, friends and family members have you come across who you recognise are struggling with negative feelings and some show it and yet so often you see the happy face mask appear?  Feelings such as anger, fear, loss, guilt, sadness, lack of confidence, feeling alone, suppression and the list goes on and on.  Holding on to these feelings can lead to anxiety and depression as well as problems with your physical health.

If you would like to train to help people release these emotions so they can feel happier and more fulfilled in their life and you have an interest in learning more about spirituality, this training may be for you.

The 6 days of training will give you the knowledge and the experience of both giving and receiving this powerful healing. Hahnemann Healing has been brought forward from Ancient Egypt to meet the needs of people today. You can provide tangible help. Training dates are:

  • Day 1 Sunday August 20
  • Day 2 Saturday August 26
  • Day 3 Sunday August 27
  • Day 4 Saturday September 9
  • Day 5 Sunday September 10
  • Day 6 Sunday September 24

By the end of Day 2 you will be equipped to practice this modality.  By the end of Day 6, and on successful completion of the course, you will be an accredited Hahnemann Healer and be able to help people release the negative emotions they have experience.  You will also have a new career or a new modality to add to those you already offer.

If you would like to book your spot on this course, contact Julia Symington 0419 305 762 or